Informed Brief

Message | July 3

Hi Kirstin,

My apologies for the slight delay in getting this information to you.

As requested, I have put together some designs and layouts for a business card, letterhead and PowerPoint Template. These can be viewed by clicking the links below. I have also done some research on printing which I have included in the quote; however, this is subject to change depending on the type of stock we agree to use and the quantity you require. Finally, I have included another .PDF which contains four separate web templates that I can use to structure your own website. These web templates have a consulting theme to them, but you need to look past their stock images and placeholder text and imaging the Inform Education logo, colours and information instead. I hope there is atleast on in particular that stands out - I quite like OPTION THREE, but that's just me. If you don't really like any, that's fine too - I can keep researching ideas.

As per ususal, any feedback would be very helpful.



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